Propellor is a cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision.

Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create immersive live experiences through combined art forms.


Flight is finally happening...

Read on for performance dates and to hear about the myriad of things we're up to at the moment.

Our first podcast has been a while in the making, and for several reasons the project has been delayed many times... We're sure you can imagine a few of them! But it actually is, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, finally happening, and we can't wait for you to hear it, see it, and be part of it. Yep, it's now a live show and workshop too!

Above from left to right, top to bottom are contributors:

British-Iranian turntablist and composer Shiva Feshareki (BBC Proms) - discussing the nature of creativity // David Hendy (author of Noise - a social history of sound) placing our relationship with our soundscape into historical and cultural context // Paraorchestra blind musicians Takashi Kikuchi and Victoria Oruwari discussing access, echo-location and the colour of noise // Mark Cocker (author of Birds Britannica) who unpins the themes with a narrative about migration and global unity // British-Finnish artist Hanna Tuulikki (Biennale of Sydney) exploring ideas of mimesis with the “more than human world” // Ruth Montgomery (artistic director of Audiovisibility) sharing ideas about eyes being her equivalent of noise pollution // Soundscape ecologist Linda O Keeffe explaining the elements of the science of listening, while exploring the connections between social issues and the soundscape // Musician Leafcutter John on treating a band like a field recording and the act of creating in the moment.

So, what's happened to it? Good question. Lots. For starters, what was going to be a 3-part series is now an 8-part series with nearly 120 minutes of material. It's metamorphosed from a short three-part teaser into a more extensive eight-part exploration of some of the things that have felt important to us these last few years - music, our relationship to each other, and our place within the natural world. We've also spoken to all of the wonderful people pictured above as part of the project. They've helped make it what we hope is a really rich listen.

It has also been such a while bringing it into being that the live performances are now happening at the same time as launching the podcast - which is very exciting, if a little bit terrifying! Keep reading for more on that...

It has also been such a while bringing it into being that the live performances are now happening at the same time as launching the podcast - which is very exciting, if a little bit terrifying! Read more about the podcast on our Kickstarter Blog where you also hear some excerpts from the series.

Flight // In Conversation

Our first in person event is NEXT THURSDAY in partnership with Lancaster Arts and The Future Places Centre. This officially launches the new project. It will be the first outing of the podcast material in public and it's going to be a very special evening, full of music and live discussion, kind of like a podcast in real time. Click the image above for the trailer and event info and tickets at the link below.

Book tickets for Flight // In Conversation at Lancaster Arts (7th July)

And if you'd like to come along to the whole Reimagining Landscape conference (which includes a ticket to the gig and lots of discussions with some fascinating people), you can also book that HERE.

Flight // Live

Last but by no means least, as part of Brewery Arts' 50th anniversary celebrations we're bringing a full audio-visual ensemble version of Flight to the theatre stage on 1st October!

We've worked with incredible dramaturg Annie Rigby (Unfolding Theatre) and visionary director Phelim McDermott (Improbable) to help us realise Propellor's new live show after the success of our first project, Loom. We're taking all the great things we learnt on that journey and diving headfirst into new territory!

Expect music that tells the stories of astounding bird migrations, how we listen and why it matters, electronic collaborations with artist Leafcutter John, live reactive visuals, interactive recycled instruments and spoken word alongside powerful contemporary dance from About Time Dance Company director Jenny Reeves, with birds flying above it all, of course.

This performance also marks the culmination of Jack's creative residency at Brewery Arts and the beginning of Propellor taking root in the North West as a force for collaboration and creation. Get in touch if you know who we should collaborate with for our next project, we'd love to hear your ideas!

Prior to the performance will also be the chance to help our two percussionists Stuart Brown and Delia Stevens make a recycled percussion instrument that they'll play in the show and will be available for everyone to have fun with in the Brewery Arts foyer. Let us know now if you want to come to take part in that workshop and we'll put names down ahead of confirming the date with you.

Book tickets for Flight // Live at Brewery Arts (1st Oct)

Thanks for reading, and for your ongoing support. We hope to see you soon!

Propellor x