Propellor is a cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision.

Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create immersive live experiences through combined art forms.


Propellor are a twelve-piece daring cross-genre ensemble of multi-instrumentalists from a variety of musical backgrounds. We create audio-visual performances mapping our collective experience of the natural world.

“An ensemble who cross the worlds of folk, classical, electronic and experimental music. It twists and turns through different sound worlds. An intriguing project.” Aidan O'Rourke (LAU)

Our first touring work was Loom, an audio-visual performance mapping our collective experience of water, charting its journey backwards from the sea to the sky.

Flight is our second project, exploring connections between birds, soundscape ecology and music. Propellor are collaborating with the one of the UK's leading authors on nature, Mark Cocker, and electronic pioneer Leafcutter John to create a new podcast series and live touring performance.



Tour Dates


Our journey started back in 2017, on the Suffolk coast...

We were lucky enough to spend two years at Snape Maltings (home to Britten Pears Arts) developing the ensemble's sound and creating our first piece, Loom, following the watercourse backwards from the sea to the sky. We've toured Loom around the UK since its premiere at Snape's Festival of New in 2018, sharing our music in workshops and creating site-specific collaborations at each performance. Flight is our second project...

"Truly magical to be with that immense music making. Involuntary dancing occurred, it was at times overwhelming – but in a great way." Audience Member (Lakeside Arts, Nottingham)

"Invigorating, moving, transported me to another world. So many wonderful moments that delighted my spirit." Audience Member (Lakes Alive, Kendal)

"It was absolutely stunning! It almost felt like a spell was cast on the hall...mesmerising. Thank you." Audience Member (UoS Octagon, Sheffield)

“Sublimely beautiful! Incredibly talented musicians and singers. I was deeply moved, thank you!” Audience Member (Town Hall, Birmingham)

"An incredible journey through sound and image. Profoundly moving and inspirational." Audience Member (Festival of New, Snape Maltings)

The Musicians

Propellor's line-up has been made even more colourful over the years by wonderful guest collaborators we've had the pleasure of working with on different projects.