Propellor is a cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision.

Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create immersive live experiences through combined art forms.

Loom Premiere Thanks And Propellor On Tour With New Recording!

...Propellor's residency at Snape Maltings has come to an end. We've been thrilled to get to share our work with those of you who have come along to both our Festival of New performance and the Open Session. Your support and feedback has been amazing. It's also been wonderful to meet those of you who recorded interviews for the piece at these performances!

So what happens now?

Things get very exciting as we gear up to bring Loom on tour around the UK, that's what! Not only will we be bringing Loom on tour next year, we also want you (yes YOU!) to be part of its journey. Each new performance will ask for new interviews, new stories to be shared, new sounds to be recorded, and some very special musical collaborations to take place exclusively for YOUR version of the piece wherever you are... We'll be inviting you to join us for workshops, to participate creatively in performances of miniatures inspired by the big piece, and to create your own responses which WE can be part of and share at these performances!

What was that you said about a recording?!

That's right, we made a recording of the whole piece PLUS five miniatures written especially for the project, reframing material from the full ensemble to be performed as duos, a trio and a quartet...

We need your help to finish the job though. We'll be releasing a limited number of signed physical copies of the full recording and a beautiful series of five environmentally friendly ricograph postcards specially designed by Bethan Lumb. These postcards will represent the five miniatures, accompanying a larger illustration and download code for the full recording when it's ready...

In return for your support towards the final costs of producing the recording we'll be sending you the collection of five miniatures in a count down to the main release, with the chance to get hold of some cool bonuses nearer the time as well!

In the next month we'll share our campaign for the release with you and hope that you'll be able to support us on this next step, we'll also give you a heads-up as to where Loom will be performed next, and how YOU can get involved!