Propellor is a cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision.

Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create immersive live experiences through combined art forms.

Festival of New 2018

We're very excited to be gearing up for the premiere of Loom at Festival of New!

"A whirlwind two days of freshly-devised music, Festival of New explores some of the most exciting work being made in the UK. All of it has been made at Snape in residencies that take place in our Creative Campus throughout the year. Some of the work is finished but most is still in progress, so audience interaction and feedback is an integral part of the weekend. Come and discover fascinating new projects and exchange ideas in a relaxed, creative environment."

We'll be performing on Saturday 8th September at 2pm and making a real celebration of the weekend, we hope you can join us!

Tickets and more programme info here: