Propellor is a cross-genre ensemble with an ambitious vision.

Soloists, writers and ensemble players have come together from a diverse range of backgrounds to create immersive live experiences through combined art forms.


Propellor are a 12-piece daring cross-genre ensemble of multi-instrumentalists from a variety of musical backgrounds. Their first touring work, Loom, is an audio-visual performance mapping our collective experience of water, charting its journey backwards from the sea to the sky.

“An ensemble who cross the worlds of folk, classical, electronic and experimental music. It twists and turns through different sound worlds. An intriguing project.” Aidan O'Rourke (LAU)


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Propellor was formed on the Open Space residency programme at Snape Maltings in Suffolk by clarinettist and composer Jack McNeill. Working with mentor Aidan O'Rourke (Lau) to create Loom, along with Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra) who later joined the group. The group's first touring work is an hour-long immersive live experience combining virtuosic instrumental composition, live electronics, video projection, and field recording...

Loom (n.) The slow and silent movement of water in a deep pool (Cumbria)

The sounds of waves, wetlands, and straits map the human experience of water, charting its journey backwards from the sea to the sky. Encouraging conversation and shared community experiences of our coastlines, estuaries, rivers, lakes and floodplains, at the same time as challenging perceptions of artistic genre and traditional performance space – Loom has been created to inspire and share our stories of these waterscapes.

The soaring instrumental score and found sounds are the sonic counterpart of a collective, human element, as the work also features recorded interviews and personal stories as told by audience members from each tour location. As a further link to the specific identity of each place where Loom is performed, environmentally-inspired new music, sounds from the geographical surrounding, and one-off special collaborations with local artists become part of the fabric of the ever-changing piece, creating a new soundscape for every concert. Workshops and interview sessions also give you the chance to be part of this sea-to-sky journey yourself!

Propellor invites the audience to move through the performance space; Loom is performed in the round with illustrator Bethan Lumb’s emotive sketches and the photography of John Beatty charting a visual response to the music on a large circular 'pool' screen in the centre of the space. Let your imagination dive into Loom’s journey and seek out your own way of experiencing the piece...

Loom is for all ages and experiences, offering the opportunity to be part of this sea-to-sky journey yourself in workshop and interview sessions.

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